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Renault Kangoo 1996 - 2003 Immobiliser Bypass


Renault Kangoo Immobiliser Bypass and Key Fob problems

We send you this plug (pin entry plug)

This device will bypass all Renault Kangoo immobilisers (all models up to 2003).

Once we have deactivated your immobiliser your Renault kangoo will start normally, with any key which fits the ignition.

This process still works, even if your key fob has stopped working before you order the bypass.

We will need the emergency start number, this number is either in the vehicle service book (supplementary key No) or inside the key, the number in the key may be on a paper sticker or the number wiil be printed inside the plastic housing, you will need a UV light to see this number, the number can also be obtained from a Renault dealership. If you cannot see the number in your key send the key to Remote Key Ltd.

The number Will be 8 digits long Starting With "E". -please enter your code in instructions to merchant  when you check out.


We will send you a device which plugs into your Kangoo and it will start, your Kangoo will start normally every time.

Renault Kangoo Immobiliser Bypass and Key Fob problems Renault Kangoo Immobiliser Bypass and Key Fob problems

This is the new type of key for 2003 vehicles onwards, this cannot be bypassed (NOTE: SMALL BATTERY)

Renault Kangoo service book we need the supplementary key No

This bypass device will only start the vehicle with the supplied code

This bypass will only bypass the immobiliser

The bypass can be left on the vehicle for the rest of its life

This bypass will NOT affect any other part of your vehicle (including central locking)

This bypass will NOT repair the central locking

Any key that will fit the ignition will start the vehicle

The bypass will only work if your engine turns over and the red LED light is flashing

The bypass can be removed at any time, the vehicle will resort back to an immobilised state

The only difference the bypass will make is the red LED light on the dashboard will flash in a different pattern

FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE *postage costs not included*

This device will only repair Renault Kangoo immobiliser problems, the device does not affect any other parts of your Renault Kangoo

Have a look a our frequently asked questions   

Important Notes

You will have a full 12 Month written money back Guarantee

You will get a help line phone number and email for full customer support

You can pay online with any credit/debit card or Paypal (when paying with card you MUST provide the cardholders address, we can send to an alternative address if required) our payment system is 100% secure guaranteed

Check the frequently asked questions and our terms and conditions Terms & Conditions


Renault Kangoo remote key fobs are sometimes referred to as Renault Kangoo plips, Renault Kangoo zappers, remotes, remote plips or remote zappers.

All of these common phrases can be used to describe a Renault Kangoo remote key fob.

Renault Kangoo Immobiliser problem, Renault Kangoo Immobiliser bypass

If your problem is “ my Renault Kangoo won’t start” it may be a problem  with your remote key fob

Renault Kangoo

Watch Immobiliser Bypass Being Fitted


Please contact us quoting your order number with your  supplementary key number. The number will be 8 didgits long Starting with "E" - please enter your code in instructions to merchant  when you check out.

Renault Kangoo  Immobiliser Bypass 1996 - 2003  (pin entry plug)

€ 100.85



Renault Kangoo Immobiliser Bypass 1996 - 2003 (pin entry plug)

Buy Your Renault Kangoo Immobiliser Bypass Plug Now

Renault Kangoo 1996 - 2003Immobiliser Bypass

Renault Kangoo immobiliser and key fob problems


Download for FREE our easy to use guide in pdf format

Click here for instructions

Renault Kangoo 1996 - 2003 Immobiliser Bypass.pdf

Renault Kangoo Client Comments


The immobiliser component you sent me works perfect. Thanks for very good service.

Best Regards Kenneth Sweden

“Hi, again Roger !

You must be a close pal to Harry Potter `cause this is magic, unbelievable, amazing.

A car that started very occasionally for ten month will suddenly start immediately every time since we plugged in your immobiliser bypass two weeks ago, fantastic!

We are so thankful to you and your company and your fast service, and will really recommend you at the best to all we know.

Thank you very very much from K & I Sweden”