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Rover 25 Remote Key Fob

This will give you a working key fob easily at home in minutes

Rover 25 Remote Key Fob Problems Rover 25 Remote Key Fob Problems

This key fob is self programming, programme this key fob yourself at home

Just supply us with your chassis number, this is found in the windscreen on the passenger side, we then send you a remote key fob with a programmer

Rover 25 Remote Key Fob Problems

Rover 25 Remote Key Fob and Programmer

Important Notes

You will have a full 12 Month written Guarantee

You can pay online with any credit/debit card or Paypal anytime. (when paying with card you MUST provide the cardholders address, we can send to an alternative address if required)

The alarm / immobiliser must be the original Rover factory fitted system.

We are not able to supply a new key fob by copying the existing one.

We will also provide you with your EKA code when we carry out this work.

Check the frequently asked questions and our terms and conditions Terms & Conditions


Our Rover 25 Remote key fob will work in the same way as the original.

EKA code (emergency key access) is only supplied when the programmer is returned

My key fob is not working will your programmer work? / Yes, even if your alarm / immobiliser is active

My key fob is lost will your programmer work? / Yes, even if your alarm / immobilisers is active

I have a good working key fob I want a spare will your key fob work with my existing key fob? / Yes our key fob will work as a spare with your existing remotes

I have purchased a key fob I cannot get it to work will your programmer programme it? / No, our programmer will only programme the key fob supplied.

My immobiliser is faulty will your programmer repair it? / No, our programmer will ony programme a new remote key fob


Rover 25 remote key fobs are sometimes referred to as Rover 25 plips, Rover 25 zappers, remotes, remote plips or remote zappers.

All of these common phrases can be used to describe a Rover 25 remote key fob.

Rover 25 Immobiliser problems, Rover 25 Key Fob problems

If your problem is “ my Rover 25 won’t start” it may be a problem  with your remote key fob

Rover 25

Watch How To Programme A Key Fob Yourself

Rover 25 Remote Key Fob

Deposit required for programmer €27.84 refunded on return

EKA Code supplied free of charge on return of programmer

Total Cost 59.99 € + 27.84 € = 87.83 €

Rover 25 Remote Key Fob

€ 59.99

Deposit Rover 25 Remote Key Fob programmer

€ 27.84





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Rover 25 Remote Key Fob


Download for FREE our easy to use guide in pdf format

Click here for instructions

Rover 25 Remote Key Fob Programming Instructions.pdf